Who is RBDG?

At Russ Berger Design Group (RBDG), we are a collective of thought leaders in acoustical consulting and design. We’re the people you want guiding you through sound projects big and small, from home recording studios to entertainment facilities and everything in between. The company was founded by Russ Berger, a prominent figure in the field of acoustical design and architectural acoustics.


What began nearly four decades ago as a one-man show has grown into a diverse team of experienced problem solvers. We bring a proven track record of creativity, responsiveness and technical expertise to a wide variety of projects, such as recording studio design, broadcast studio design, facilities for entertainment/media content/audio/film/post-production, technical learning environments for higher education, residential theaters and corporate production spaces.

“When a new project surfaces – whether it’s a single room, an entire building or anything in between – RBDG is our first call.”

Jeffrey A. Howard

Senior Executive Engineering and Broadcast Technologies
“The name Russ Berger is synonymous with excellence and I know him to be a man of great character.”

Kirk Franklin,

Gospel Singer, Recording Artist

Our WorK

We’re known for our expertise in creating environments that are acoustically optimized for recording and broadcasting purposes. We work with clients in the music and entertainment industry, as well as with educational institutions, corporation, and government agencies to design spaces that meet their specific audio and acoustic needs. We provide architectural and acoustical design and consulting, all tailored to provide spaces that enhance sound quality, minimize noise interference and create an ideal environment for the intended audio purposes.

“RBDG’s work with us over the past twenty years has been invaluable in helping us become a public radio leader.”

David C. Wright,

Associate Director
“We don’t build anything without having Russ Berger Design Group involved. They designed all of the acoustic spaces on our campus including our recording studios, our conference rooms, our 250 seat theatre – everything.”

Chuck Surack,

Founder, Sweetwater Sound

Recording & Mastering

Recording spaces should inspire the best performances from artists, in rooms that are isolated and quiet enough to capture every nuance. Audio control rooms and mastering spaces require accurate monitoring for critical listening so that the engineer knows exactly what’s in the recording. And typically all these rooms must be built for collaboration.

Television & Soundstage

When it comes to large-scale spaces for television or motion pictures, creating rooms with good acoustics is only a starting point – a fully-functioning TV studio or soundstage also has to have all the appropriate infrastructure and support spaces. RBDG brings a depth of experience with every size and style of the production environment.

Audio & Video Post-Production

The process of editing audio and video elements requires spaces with sophisticated technology that must also foster creativity. RBDG designs post-production facilities that encourage collaboration – places that are comfortable settings but with impeccable technical performance.

College & University

Technical facilities in academic settings must serve two distinct objectives: they should introduce students to environments they will encounter in their future jobs, capable of producing content of industry-standard quality, but they also must be spaces where entire classes of students can simultaneously participate in the technical process and observe how their decisions affect that content.

Houses of Worship

Spaces that create spiritual community must blend the importance of intelligibility for the spoken word with the shared experience of worship music. Whether in congregational spaces or production facilities that communicate the message to a larger world, RBDG helps design houses of worship that seamlessly integrate excellent acoustics with technical capabilities that are increasingly sophisticated.

Lecture Halls and Auditoriums

Spaces where large groups listen to a presenter or experience video and audio programs have unique requirements for both their acoustical performance and the technical systems that increasingly include broadcast, streaming, or archive capture as well.

Private Theaters

Watching a movie or listening to music in a purpose-built room to deliver a superb visual image with pristine immersive audio can be a transcendent experience… but more importantly, one that’s fun to share with family and friends. RBDG creates large and small spaces tailored to how you live and enjoy media.


A medium that relies on sound alone to deliver its message needs facilities where that sound can be captured without extraneous noise or acoustical anomalies that will distract listeners. Having designed more than seventy public radio stations across the country, RBDG knows how to create spaces that are acoustically accurate but also have the infrastructure, workflow, sightlines, and support functions that make for an efficient radio operation.


Russ Berger


Richard Schrag

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Our clients find in RBDG a depth of experience, engineering objectivity, and enthusiasm in meeting their unique needs. It’s a combination that yields cost-effective solutions to real world problems. Let us know how we can do the same for you.

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