Univision Radio

Univision Radio, Miami, the largest Hispanic radio company in the United States, partnered with RBDG to consolidate its Miami stations into the Univision NewsPort facility that had completed construction less than two years earlier (also with acoustical design by RBDG). One of the challenges of the project was to create new radio studios within a fully functional television production facility that had staff sitting at workstations less than ten feet from the work area throughout construction. Another was that design, construction, and technical integration all had to be accomplished in a span of less than ten months.

The result is a hub of six stand-alone studios dedicated to The Enrique Santos Morning Show, UVN America, WAQI, WRTO, WQBA, and WAMR, along with two production studios, surrounded by the producers, editors, on-air talent, and production staff who support the creation of many hours of original radio programming each day. The new facilities are so seamlessly integrated into the finishes and workflow of the building that few visitors would ever guess they are not part of the original design.