Crossroads Community Church

The music professionals at Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA, had high expectations for sonic quality and performance in their new facilities, part of a remodel/expansion that included a new sanctuary, a 150-person choir rehearsal room, and a recording studio. RBDG was contracted to design the technical spaces of the audio recording facility, Crossroads Productions.

The 2,700 sq. ft. facility includes an audio control room, a rehearsal/recording studio, an audio post control room, two isolations booths, a voice booth, a central machine room, and associated support areas. To minimize noise and vibration from a nearby freeway, the control room, studio and iso booths were built on isolated slabs. At RBDG’s suggestion, the studio doubles as a choir rehearsal room for the church. It features attractive and effective acoustical finishes not normally found in a choir rehearsal room.

Large room volume was achieved due to the 18 ft. ceiling height. RBDG’s design team incorporated exterior slot windows to accommodate the owner’s strong preference for natural light in the studio.  “It was important to us to have a comfortable place to work that wasn’t cave-like,” notes Jason Ritchie, assisting pastor. “There is definitely the feeling that we can do a lot of things in this space.”