Our Process

Every project is unique, with its own special challenges and opportunities. But what they all have in common is the way we approach the process of developing solutions. RBDG brings to bear decades of knowledge and experience in each of the following areas…

Programming + Needs Assessment

No matter how large or small, every project begins with the same first step: we listen to you to understand your goals, and together we gather information about the project scope, technical requirements, budget, and schedule. A good architectural program is a roadmap for a project’s success.

Space Planning and Architectural / Interior Design
In a technical facility, function and aesthetics must be perfectly matched, and having the right adjacencies, sightlines, and workflow are all essential. We develop drawings and specifications that are tailored to the way you want your spaces to look, feel, and perform, coupled with the kind of project management that’s needed to see it through.
Sound Isolation
Making spaces quiet enough and free from extraneous disturbances means having the right kind of walls, ceilings, and floors to keep sound out (or, sometimes, to keep it in). We provide sound isolation details that maximize performance with an emphasis on making sure they can be built reliably and consistently.
Technical Infrastructure Design
For technical spaces to function properly, the equipment and control surfaces need a happy home, too, and that means having good cable management pathways, technical power and grounding systems, and adequate cooling. Operators should have comfortable seating and effective task lighting. We make it all work seamlessly.
Performance Verification + Acoustics Testing
Results can be quantified. We perform tests to measure the integrity of the acoustical construction, commission monitoring systems, and tune and adjust the environment to make sure you’re getting maximum performance.
Site Analysis
Having the right site or existing building can be key to the success of a technical facility. We evaluate, predict, and test the impact of environmental noise, and review whether proposed sites or buildings are a good fit for your project.
Architectural Room Acoustics
For some rooms, optimum room acoustics are all about the ability to capture the best recording or accurately monitor an audio mix. In other cases, it means having a space where you can comfortably carry on a conversation or be understood by all the participants in an audio or video teleconference. We determine the volume, geometry, and finishes that create the right acoustical environment.
Noise + Vibration Control
Acoustically sensitive spaces need to have Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and other mechanical equipment that don’t create excessive noise and vibration. We make sure your rooms are comfortable and quiet.
Media + Presentation Systems
A great audio and video experience starts with having sightlines, immersive audio, an appropriate visual image size, and seating layouts that all work together. We coordinate our work with the architect and systems integrator to ensure spaces are memorable, both visually and acoustically.
Community Interface
Involvement with professional journals, trade publications, industry organizations, and schools at every level is important in helping the public understand the value of good architectural and acoustical design. We provide technical writing, seminars, and workshops to let others know what we believe in.