WPLN – Nashville Public Radio

RBDG was asked to apply its architectural and acoustical talents to design WPLN/Nashville Public Radio’s newest 11,500 sq. ft. broadcast facility. Three times the size of its former location, the $2.6 million facility was built from the ground up to accommodate technical and broadcast functions, as well as community involvement.

Taking into account the technical and functional needs of the facility, RBDG incorporated design solutions that make the facility conducive for both station operations and accessibility to the station’s listeners. In WPLN’s four on-air and production control rooms, consistent size, layout, and equipment configuration allow the technical staff to handle program origination or feature and promotional production from any of these rooms.

Radio production suites A & B have identical studios that can accommodate an on-air host and several guests for interviews or call-in talk shows. The 750 sq. ft. Studio C was designed to accommodate large-scale programming such as live music, station fundraising, or performances involving a studio audience.

Special acoustical clouds suspended from the ceiling and wall systems direct, absorb and diffuse sound in the studios and control rooms. Machine noise in these sound-critical areas was eliminated by locating the broadcast equipment, audio mass storage systems and network servers in a separate centrally located technical center.




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