Wire Road Studios

Wire Road Studios opened a brand new, 5,000 sq. ft. studio in the historic Heights district of Houston, Texas. RBDG worked with owner Byron Kelley and his son, president and chief engineer James Kelley, to create a recording facility to accommodate the expanding business. The company moved its operations in 2011 from a smaller project-based studio to a ground-up facility that boasts two recording studios, a video editing suite and an impressive production studio.

“The goal of our new space was to bring a first-class mixing facility with mastering capabilities to Houston ,” notes James Kelley. “We wanted something really high-end and modern that would attract local musicians who are doing serious work, as well as regional and national musicians.” Wire Road offers a wide range of production services such as recording/tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, original music creation and video production.

Studio A’s 600-square-foot live room has a soaring 18-foot ceiling and can be viewed from the control room and the two large isolation rooms via expansive 8-foot walls of glass. It comes equipped with a Steinway B grand piano as well as an array of optional musical instrument, keyboard, drum and amplifier choices. The control room delivers 5.1 surround sound mixing capabilities with an extensive selection of analog gear and digital plug-ins.

Studio B features a control room with isolation booth and is primarily used for mixing, mastering and voiceover work. A machine room is centrally located between Studios A and B. Studio C is dedicated to video production and editing. Rounding out the facility are equipment storage rooms, a conference room, kitchen and lounge area and an outdoor covered patio that provides comfort and relaxation for clients and staff alike.

“The studio offers an innovative mix of digital and analog technologies,” notes Russ Berger, “while delivering the highest sound quality possible in a creative, professional environment. The live room’s sheer volume allows the flexibility to support a wide variety of instruments and performances. Wire Road Studios fills a void for services that have long been absent in this part of Texas.”

Equipment highlights include a Euphonix S5 Fusion console; Shadow Hills, Brent Averil, DW Fearn, Retro Instruments, Manley, Daking, Weiss Engineering and SSL compressors and equalizers; and microphones from AEA, AKG, Blue, Bock, Brauner, Lawson, Neumann, Schoeps, sE, Sennheiser, and Shure. Monitors by ATC and Focal are housed in Studios A and B. Studio C uses the Final Cut Pro platform enhanced by a Euphonix Artist Series control board.  Wire Road Studios was featured in Mix Magazines’ “Mix Class of”.