WBUR Radio – Boston University

Well known for WBUR programs like “Car Talk,” “The Connection” and “Only a Game,” this Public Radio member and leading syndicated programming producer relocated and expanded its facilities to a new structure totaling over 16,000 square feet. RBDG provided acoustical/architectural consulting and design focus for the detailed performance requirements of the broadcast studio and its technical spaces.

Although radio is not usually thought of as a visual medium, its interior image is important, and the new studios are the highlight of the space. Completed in the spring of 1996, the facility includes four control rooms each with associated studios, booths and support spaces. RBDG found it necessary to increase the ceiling height by an additional six feet to achieve the sound isolation, low noise floor, and acoustical character appropriate for a market leader of this caliber. In addition, the studios were conceived as rooms within a room, acoustically isolated from the main structure by floating floors, double-wall construction and sound isolation ceilings.