Studio Records

Studio Records, owned by John Evans, musician/composer, and his wife Sandy, writer/lyricist, it is the home of their independent label, Studio Records, LLC. The studio was designed by RBDG and incorporated into the construction of the Evans’ new residence in Fort Worth, Texas. The private recording facility opened in March 2005.

Evans has worked on projects for companies such as Sports Illustrated and Time-Life, in addition to working with jazz saxophonist David Sanborn on the Grammy-nominated album, “Hideaway.” When Evans started his own recording label, he was looking to create a high-quality studio comparable to those found in LA and New York, but with all the comforts of home.

The1,700 sq. ft. facility consists of a control room, a live studio with a piano isolation booth, a machine room and a lounge area. Because RBDG was brought on board early in the design process, sound isolation and other acoustical design considerations were addressed through construction techniques. The exterior wall of the south side of the house was made 15 feet high to provide the volume needed for the studio and control room acoustics, while blending the studio into the home’s exterior.

The control room features ProTools with a custom Precision Kinetics 5.1 surround sound monitoring system. Acoustical finishes include a custom stretch fabric wall system for absorption, pArtScience SpaceArray™ diffusors, and sound-rated doors. A Lutron GRAFIK Eye system controls lighting and shades.