Silent Sound Studios

Award-winning producer/writer Daryl Simmons brought on RBDG for acoustical consulting and design for his Atlanta recording facility, Silent Sound Studios. RBDG blended both recording and business functions into the existing 6,000 sq. ft. building, leaving the Silent Sound offices intact but completely renovating what was previously a photography studio and additional offices. Technical spaces include a recording studio, production suites (one of which is a 5.1 electronic gaming suite), central equipment room, and support spaces.

Size restrictions in the area to be renovated made visual communication between the engineer, producer and talent a primary design challenge. RBDG created a layout that opened the control room to both the studio and isolation booth, and allowed these recording rooms to be used separately or (via sliding doors pocketed into walls) as one larger space. Suspended panels in the studio provide both acoustical diffusion and task lighting for the artists, and also expose a controlled amount of sound absorption to the room’s reverberant sound.

Silent Sound Studios was awarded the 1996 Texas Society of Architects award for Interior Architecture. In 2006, Daryl’s long-time engineer Thom Kidd (TK) purchased the studio and took over operations.