Saga Recording

Tucked away in East Vancouver, B.C., Saga Recording gained a reputation for providing a cost-effective haven for singer-songwriters and groups, but a growing client roster made it necessary to build a dedicated studio space. Owner/operator Michael Nowak envisioned a Russ Berger-designed studio that would fit in the sweet spot between large multi-room facilities and small project rooms.

The 22’ x 13’ control room, featuring Logic and Pro Tools, is intentionally larger than the 12’ x 10’ tracking room due to Nowak’s preference for client collaboration during music production. A sliding acoustical panel absorbs first-order reflections from the side-looking control room glass during mixing and critical listening. pArtScience SpaceCoupler™ diffusors control reflections at the rear of the studio as well as above the mix position.

The foyer is wired for use as an iso booth and has glass panel doors for clear sightlines. The control room and studio have exterior windows to let in daylight, and a floor-to-ceiling window to the side of the controller console, all in keeping with Nowak’s goal of building a space that is warm, open and inviting.  Saga Recording was featured in Mix Magazines’ “Mix Class of”.