After spending 21 years mastering albums for many of the most prominent artists in country and gospel music, Hank Williams realized he was outgrowing his Music Row studio, MasterMix. In the late 1990s he purchased land for the first ground-up construction in Nashville to incorporate surround mastering, high-resolution audio and DVD production services.

Inside the 6,000 sq. ft. facility, two identical mastering suites handle the high-definition audio mastering, surround sound and DVD authoring projects. Dubbed “Hank’s Room” and “Ken’s Room”, each is outfitted with the occupants’ preferred equipment. Among the original “toys” are a Sonic Solutions editing system with DVD Creators, Gordon Electronics Class A mastering pre-amps, PMC BB5 and Ed Long CRM 100 Monitoring Systems, as well as a vast collection of classic and cutting-edge equalizers, compressors, encoders and AD/DA converters.

RBDG’s design included an area for new and emerging technologies such as HDTV. MasterVision, appropriately named to indicate its strong ties to visual products, handles all projects requiring video encoding and authoring. MasterVision caters to the corporate, educational and entertainment industries.

Fusing comfort with technology, the client lounge features comfortable seating, custom area rugs, warm maple wood accents and a 5.1 surround audio/video system. In the stressful world of the entertainment business with competitive pressures and deadline-oriented schedules, MasterMix is an oasis of calm.