Lucky Post

Located in Uptown Dallas, Lucky Post offers creative editorial, audio mixing, sound design, compositing, graphic design and creative finish services.  RBDG provided acoustical and architectural design for the 7,100 sq. ft. facility, which includes an audio suite with control room and iso booth, three video edit rooms, an online edit room, and four graphic/animation and edit rooms.

The audio control room features Pro Tools and has surround sound capability. The suites were designed with the flexibility to accommodate editing (Avid, Final Cut), color correction (Autodesk Lustre) or finishing and visual effects (Smoke, Inferno). A spacious lounge/refreshment area opens onto a second-floor covered patio overlooking the neighborhood. Running the length of the building, the private outdoor patio offers clients an inviting place to break out of their session for a drink or snack. Lucky Post opened in May 2012. Lucky Post was featured in Mix Magazines’ “Mix Class of”.