Fast Cuts

Post production house Fast Cuts specializes in editing, finishing and graphics, delivering cutting-edge creative for their clients. In 2003 they decided to add audio capability, and engaged RBDG to transform 1,900 sq.ft. of additional lease space into new audio sweetening suites.

Fast Cuts Mix features two control rooms, each with a voice-over booth; a machine room; office space; and a reception area. Control Room A is the larger of the two, with high ceilings that provide ample room volume. Both control rooms have 5.1 Dolby surround capabilities and offer the latest in HD audio, with ProTools and D-Control consoles for digital mixing in surround. APT and Prima ISDN formats allow hook up with virtually any studio in the world.

The new lease space originally featured large retractable glass panels that opened the entire front out into the lobby. RBDG’s design called for sealing the panels to create a signage wall viewed from the building’s main lobby. The entrance was relocated back along the central corridor and to provide better connection between Fast Cut’s new and existing facilities, both physically and visually. Design elements features in the original suite, such as triangular glass inserts, colors and lighting, were repeated in the new audio area to strengthen cohesiveness and maintain the creative environment.