BiCoastal Music

Hal Winer’s intimate BiCoastal Music in Ossining, NY is an example of RBDG’s ability to create a great sounding space for just about any size room or budget. Winer decided to augment his house (a former inn built in the 1800s) with a spacious private studio, where he could record his own music and provide a quaint, authentic facility for a small group of locals including Mick Guzauski (Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond) and Neil Dorfsman (Bob Dylan, Dire Straits). RBDG turned a modest supply of funds into a luxurious 1,700 sq. ft. facility outfitted with an SSL C200 digital production console.

To isolate the facility from outside noise, RBDG confined chillers, air handlers, dimmers and other noisy equipment to a mechanical room completely separate from the studio. RBDG wanted to take advantage of the 22 ft. vaulted ceiling in the 25 ft. x 30 ft. live room. A soffit that runs all the way around the room separates the space into upper and lower volumes, creating a loosely coupled space – a trademark of RBDG studio designs. Multiple windows allow natural light into the facility.

Oak floors sit on top of fully isolated and floating concrete floors. RBDG’s design called for room within a room construction, where nothing touches the outside shell of the building. Custom fabricated acoustical finishes are covered with an interesting rhythm of fabrics to enhance the aural and esthetic environment.

To open the control room and studio to each other, RBDG designed an expansive window using laminated glass that extends to the floor, with the hardwood running directly through. This same glass structure was implemented in the two isolation booths and the entry vestibule.