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Hope for the Heart

One of our proudest moments as a company was our involvement with the development and building of the Hope for the Heart studios.

“By getting to know June and her mission, we were able to shape and define the space into the right kind of studio space for their ministry,” Russ Berger said. Russ is with RBDG, an audio consulting group based in Dallas, Texas. June is June Hunt, founder of Hope for the Heart.

From process to relationships to finished product, we learned and gained so much from this experience. It was as much about the people, their mission and values, as it was about the studio and the brick and mortar, Russ went on to say.

June Hunt is one of Christian Radio’s first women’s voices,” he said. “That alone made this an important project.”

Located on the third floor of a high-rise building, the 2,500-square-foot broadcast technical spaces are comprised of:

  • Control room
  • On-air studio for a host and three guests
  • A second audio production control room
  • Editing support area for three persons
  • Central rack area

Floor-to-ceiling sound-rated glass runs the length of the exterior wall of the studio, which overlooks a park and lake. On another wall, more glass provides members of a 50-person live audience a view into the broadcast studio.

The new location posed inherent structural challenges to the sound isolation goals for the broadcast facility:

Limited ceiling height required custom ceiling and soffit treatments as well as special HVAC ducting.

  • A floor-wide air delivery system required major modifications and acoustical measures, including fully floating finished floors in the studio and control room.

“By understanding the mission and that the space was indeed the right space for the ministry,” Russ said,” we were able to put together the right elements to make the space not only work, but exceed expectations.”

Hope for the Heart, established in 1986 by June Hunt, is a Texas-based Christian counseling ministry. Their broadcast and recording studios are located in Plano, Texas. June and her broadcasts are heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world.