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Season Opener

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when the NFL season is about to begin. Especially here in Dallas, talk around the water cooler reveals just how much die-hard football fans anticipate those first games. read more…

Giving Voice to Hope for the Heart

This job has a lot of perks, like developing relationships that span decades. Or rubbing shoulders with committed and influential people. Or being involved with organizations that are trying to do good in the world. read more…

“Testing, Testing…”

It was a simple enough request: The pastor said, “Please come help us set up our new equalizer. We just bought this piece of equipment and we want to make sure our church sounds right.” read more…

The Rumble and the Rat

Noise disturbances often require a bit of a detective work, but every once and a while something crops up that makes you go, “Hmmm…” read more…

Judging a Book by its Cover

I’d bet that 99% of the prospective students who visit Belmont University this summer will see the R. Milton and Denice Johnson Center on the east side of campus and think that it’s a very handsome academic building – like many of the other structures on that beautiful site – but would never guess (unless they’re told by the person leading the tour) that it contains some of the most sophisticated acoustical environments a college can offer. read more…

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