Elisa handles the money matters, and whatever else falls in her lap. Her transition to tending RBDG’s clientele was a comfortable fit, having had years of training in classical piano and flute. She shares Russ’ goal in making sure every client with a desire to record music, broadcast audio, add a department of audio engineering, or simply build out a residential home theater comes away with the best design for their budget. Keeping the business on a personal basis comes naturally since she and Russ also share our clients’ passion for audio.

Prior to joining RBDG in 1990, Elisa worked in publishing and in education, teaching fine arts, history, publishing and literature on the high school and college levels.  Even after 1990, she kept her “toe in the water” through volunteer work within the local public school system, where contributions to scholastic artistic, literary and journalistic programs earned her a PTA Lifetime Membership.

Like Russ, off hours are happiest spent on a boat somewhere in the world planning the “next dive.”  While on dry land, though, she’s content writing, gardening, reading and sampling Russ’ latest culinary creations. Oh, and maintaining the growing Blockberger movie library that family and friends come to share in their home theater.


Bachelor of Arts, University of North Texas, Denton, 1976; graduate studies in Linguistics at University of Texas at Dallas, 1978.