Our Services

We provide design and consulting services in the following areas:

Programming and Needs Assessment

  • Definition of Project Scope, Technical Requirements, and Special Features
  • Design Criteria and Guidelines
  • Assistance in Setting Construction Budgets and Schedules

Site Analysis

  • Prediction, Testing, and Evaluation of Environmental Noise Impact
  • Evaluation of Proposed Sites and Buildings

Space Planning and Architectural / Interior Design

  • Analysis of Adjacencies, Sightlines, Departmental Workflow
  • Creation of Space Plan and Functional Layout
  • Product Specifications
  • Verification of Proper Execution of Design
  • Review of Submittals and Shop Drawings
  • Project Management

Architectural Room Acoustics

  • Room Acoustics and Acoustical Finishes
  • Special Acoustical Fabrications

Sound Isolation

  • Wall Sections, Plan Details, Penetration Details, Isolation Details

Noise and Vibration Control

  • Noise and Vibration Control for Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Mechanical Systems
  • Noise Control for Technical Electrical Power and Grounding Systems

Technical Infrastructure Design

  • Wire Management, Cabling and Interconnect Layout, and Signal Grounding
  • Coordination of Technical Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment

Media and Presentation Systems

  • Audio and Video Monitoring and Presentation Systems
  • Theater Screen Specification
  • Technology Coordination and Collaboration with Systems Integrators

Performance Verification and Acoustics Testing

  • Verification/Quantification of Integrity of Acoustical Construction
  • Commissioning of Monitor Systems
  • Tuning and Adjustment of Acoustical Environment
  • Field Sound Testing (STC, background sound levels)

Community Interface

  • Technical Writing for Professional Journals and Industry Press
  • Seminars and Workshops for Technical Staff, Professional Organizations, and Student Groups